About YOR Health

YOR Health
YOR Health was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing products that stimulate the body’s natural responses to nutrients. With a business model that encourages customers to be healthier and happier, YOR Health encourages a community-like feel that brings people together to meet their goals and objectives.

Each year, YOR Health meets at a national conference, bringing members together to share ideas and learn. As part of the conference, finalists of the ongoing YOR Best Body Championship participate in a contest that awards $20,000 thousand dollars in cash prizes to the winners. This challenge is ongoing on the company’s website, with smaller prizes awarded every two weeks.

Currently, YOR Health is seeking to expand throughout the world and spread the word about the importance of proper absorption of nutrients. Recently the company underwent a two-month evaluation by a prominent Harvard Business School professor, who deemed the company as ready to move forward, positioning the company for its European launch.

YOR Health regularly informs their global team of Independent Sales Representatives of the accomplishments of others in the organization through the company magazine and regional meetings. Success stories are also posted on the YOR Health website, with members who have lost significant amounts of weight featured in the company’s “100 Pound Club” section.

Their body transformation challenge encourages members to strive for better health, with that encouragement moving each individual forward. The YOR Health line of supplements and meal replacement shakes are formulated using high-quality ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness. Each product is displayed on the company’s website, with an emphasis on each product’s specific use. In addition to weight loss, products can promote energy levels and better digestion, providing something for each person’s specialized needs.

Located in Irvine, California, YOR Health has customers around the world, each dedicated to being the healthiest they can be. For more information on YOR Health or to browse its products, visit yorhealth.com.


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