Friday, March 29, 2013

A YOR Health Interview with Agustin & Soraya Arana

Not many people come to YOR Health with a background like that of Soraya Arana. On the surface, she would seem to have a charmed life with all the success and prosperity that a person could want, but there’s more to Soraya’s story than what meets the eye. Soraya’s roots spoke of despair and deprivation, and a long period spent looking for meaning and direction.

YOR Health: Soraya, tell us about where you came from and how you got to where you are today.

Soraya Arana: You may not know who I am, but many people know my husband. He is the Mexican actor and singer, Agustin Arana. A couple of years ago, people would have said that I have a perfect life. On the surface, they could see success, they could see glamour, and they could see wealth. But no one knew that under all this, there was a little girl for whom something was still missing.

YOR Health: Did you grow up poor? What was your childhood like?

Soraya Arana: I was the last of 4 children born to poor parents. My father was an alcoholic, and my mother did what she could to take care of our family. My mother was my world. When I was 17, I decided to become a model to give her all she needed. But I had to go to Mexico City to pursue that career.

Then one day, I received a phone call from my older sister. What I heard was so painful I could not comprehend: our mom had tried to take her own life. That broke my heart, and broke my spirit. So I understand what it feels like to be completely in despair, to feel hopeless. At that moment, I needed to become successful so I could afford to give my mom a better life.

YOR Health: What awful news. That would be a life-changing event for anyone. What happened then?

Soraya Arana: During one of my modeling assignments, I saw a really handsome man, and I thought, “I’m going to marry that guy!” It was Agustin. But beyond the attraction, I also learned that he was raised in a family with great values, with parents that taught him the importance of hard work and integrity. That is what has kept me by his side for nearly 18 years now. Our life together has been really amazing. And yet, something was still missing.

About two years ago, Agustin and I started to think about creating a new business. Thankfully, this is when we discovered YOR Health. At first, we were highly impressed with the products. But the thing that made me decide to develop a career here was meeting Dennis Wong and Michael Mo. From the moment I heard them speak about principles and values and the philosophy that holds this company together, I knew this was the place we wanted to be.

YOR Health: That sounds like the beginnings of a major turnaround for you. What has your involvement with YOR Health meant in terms of your direction and overall sense of purpose?

Soraya Arana: YOR Health has made such an impact in my life. All the sadness and the loneliness I felt because of the things I lacked when I was a child have disappeared. I have found meaning and purpose with my team. I have today what I was missing before in my life: the opportunity to help others. I know that inside many adults out there, are little boys and girls, who can benefit from the love and guidance that they will find at YOR Health.


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