Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Discover YOR IN | YOR Health Co-Founder Dennis Wong on Life

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Co-founder of YOR Health Dennis Wong explains that when he was a kid he felt like he didn’t belong. Learning was always hard for the future YOR Health executive. “It sure didn’t help that I was an immigrant, and that my parents didn’t speak English,” he recently shared with YOR Health representatives. Wong’s parents did not know how to teach him how to speak, let alone fit in. Dennis Wong says that he always felt like a third class citizen—inadequate, worthless. The YOR Health co-founder laments that he felt this way throughout most of his young life until well into adulthood. In school he always dreaded taking tests because he was always the last one to leave the classroom. Most of the time, he claims he took so long that he couldn’t even complete the test.

The YOR Health co-founder states that to this day he still has nightmares about taking tests, being the last one to leave, and getting the worst score in the class! “I always admired the kid who walked out of the class first on test day,” recalls the now highly self-confident YOR Health co-founder.

YOR Health: No one Left Behind

YOR Health was established with Dennis Wong’s childhood memories still lingering in his mind. “I never want to feel dumb and left behind again, and I never want others to feel that way, either. We all have challenges. My challenge was that I had a hard time learning.” Fortunate for YOR Health, Wong was able to become friends with a few people who were smart and kind. “They helped me get through my struggles in school. That was my solution: If I struggled with something that mattered to me, I would do my best to find a mentor for that.” To this day, the YOR Health co-founder hasn’t forgotten the people who helped him get past his struggles.

The future YOR Health co-founder didn’t know it at the time but these few good mentors really raised his consciousness for the future. “This completely shifted my confidence in my ability to make it in this challenging world, and this one thing changed my life.” This newly instilled sense of self-worth is what gave Dennis Wong the inspiration for YOR Health.

YOR Health: Letting Go

“As humans, one of the most important things we have in common is that we all start out not being fully conscious,” the YOR Health co-founder relates, “and, as long as we stay that way, we cause ourselves all sorts of problems. They say that there is nothing more important in life than helping someone raise their level of consciousness.” That is why Wong co-founded YOR Health, for the purpose of helping others raise their consciousness. “There are so many people out there with unnecessary stress and pressure,” explains the YOR Health co-founder. To Dennis Wong, setting them free of this is the most gratifying aspect of YOR Health.

This has worked out tremendously for YOR Health. “The success of YOR Health is rooted in the work we have done in the Founder’s Council,” Wong explains. The FC is a group of top leaders who have worked on themselves, and who have raised their consciousness to overcome the challenges in their lives. Their success is undeniable and evidenced every day by their work at YOR Health. Wong elaborates, “Through our experience in the FC, we created a way to raise consciousness on a massive scale. Our wisdom has been captured in a learning experience that everyone can grasp.” Wong explains that YOR Health has a way to touch people from all walks of life, at whatever level they come from.

He says that YOR Health calls this amazing experience YOR IN.

YOR Health is a community of passionate health and lifestyle enthusiasts who strive to bring well-being—including the physical, emotional, and financial—to a global clientele.


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