Sunday, April 13, 2014

YOR Health Products Team Shows How Diet Affects Our Lifestyles

YOR Health products are just one aspect of a fully refined health and wellness plan. Eating a number of small meals throughout the day provides consistent amount of nutrients while maintaining an appropriate metabolism.

Scheduling Mealtimes for Maximum Nutrition

Even when busy schedules put a cramp in our eating habits, it’s important to slow down and take a breath, says the YOR Health products team. Enjoying a meal while parked in front of the television can lead to packing on the pounds. Instead, focus squarely on the task at hand. Eating methodically and purposefully allows the digestive system an opportunity to handle food properly. Instead of making a sudden change in diet, try adjusting daily routines more slowly. For some consumers, skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner is seen as a viable way to prevent weight gain. In fact, says the YOR Health products team, this slows a person’s metabolism and increases the occurrence of binge eating.

Selecting the Proper Elements of a Balanced Diet

In order to stay on track, good nutrition is paramount. The YOR Health products team encourages consumers to stock nutritious and healthful options such as vegetables and dairy products at home in the cupboard or refrigerator. The empty calories found in today’s soft drinks and fruit juices can also be a disaster for the waistline. These also contain refined sugars and added preservatives that undo a person’s progress. Substitutes for these sugary beverages include vegetable or fruit juice, as well as the old standby, H2O.

YOR Health Products Make a Difference

YOR Shake, the most popular meal replacement on the YOR Health products roster, features a vast array of vitamins and minerals to recharge and reenergize. Similarly, the YOR SuperGreen promotes total health and wellness through a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals, phospholipids and amino acids and fatty acids.


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